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The author, Jonathan Wilkins, is an X-ray diffraction analyst in a small laboratory service company situated in North Wales, X-Ray Mineral Services Ltd. Previously he was software development supervisor and data network manager for geophysical instrument manufacturer Robertson Geologging also in North Wales. Click here for more information on personal profile.

He is younger than the last RT, but not a lot. His enthusiasm for the London Country bus arises from a childhood spent in darkest North Hertfordshire, where the celebrated 303, 716 and other routes passed in view of his bedroom window. In those distant days a Green Rover ticket was a cheap and effective passport to travel the Home Counties, and was widely used in the early seventies. Sadly, no camera was carried on these trips.

From 1974 to 1978 he studied geology, chemistry and computing at Leeds University, before graduating with an MSc in geochemistry. While missing developments back home, he discovered that Leeds City Transport had a few AEC Regents left, some fine Roe-bodied Atlanteans and a few rather futuristic-looking AEC Swifts.

Returning to Hitchin, he joined the ICL company, where he was a programmer on the 7500 communications processors at Letchworth Development Centre. This introduction to the online world probably led to an early interest in computer networking. It took another 15 years for the market to develop to the point where a personal online presence was feasible. These pages are the result.........

By 1982 life in ICL was becoming claustrophobic and uncertain, so he joined schoolfriends to run Dawnstoke Computer Services, a small company specialising in repairing minicomputers by COMPUTER AUTOMATION - the intriguingly-named NAKED MINI series. Finally, the call of the rocks became too strong to ignore, and the family moved to North Wales (and seldom looked back). Eventually it became necessary to import a London Country bus to complete the picture, as this was easier than taking the mountains back to Hertfordshire. Expertise in software and Internet is dispersed by way of consultancy to selected charities and individuals who wish to establish their own Internet presence without acquiring the necessary expertise.

Other interests include growing cacti, geology and researching the roots of his family - so if you have Wilkins relatives from Burton-on-Trent, London or Hampshire please use the email link to make contact. Maybe the family tree will be added to the site one day.

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